We support youth and education at Fundacion Alda

Our founder’s historical connections with Paraguay brought about the creation of the Fundación Alda in 2003.

This is a private charitable entity that works for social change in vulnera ble towns and areas in Paraguay. It strives to actively improve the quality of education for the children, adolescents and communities in which it is present.

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Fundación Alda has three main programs: Alda Educa, Community centers and Joven Adelante.

We contribute to improving the quality of education in Paraguay so that children and young people can choose a better future.

Jordi Robinat
Jordi Robinat Chairman of the board and founder of Fundación Alda

Alda Educa

Years of experience in local settings and optimization of its pedagogical methodology has resulted in a profound trust in Alda’s expertise and efficacy. The Alda Educa Programme is given 5-year contracts by the public school system to go into districts and accompany schools in improving their teaching processes. Alda helps improve classroom, management and functional standards, and has thus far served 58 schools and 12,150 children.

Alda Educa promotes a comprehensive socio-educational intervention aimed at community development, in which the school is the starting point.

Community centers

As the Paraguayan system only offers half-days of schooling, there is an urgent need for after-school care for children. In addition to offering day care facilities for working mothers, Alda’s community centers also provide additional education in personal care, nutrition supplementation, and medical attention, as well as supporting the fundamental rights of children.

Quality education will generate greater opportunities to improve the present and future life of children and communities, moving towards social justice.

Joven Adelante

Joven Adelante is a coaching programme aimed to help adolescents prepare for a university education. It begins four years before the traditional university entrance age and offers a wide variety of supplementary courses and activities. These include coachi ng in public speaking, language instruction, computer training, and tutoring for exams or in specific subjects. The programme also organizes trips so that participants are able to travel outside their native town or city to get to know other parts of their own country.

Fundacion Alda contributes to improve the quality of education and the life quality of children, young people and communities.

Further information

Logo alda

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