La Manga Club Properties reopens refurbished offices at the Grand Hyatt Murcia

La Manga Club Properties Office Grand Hyatt La Manga Club

The aim of the relaunch of its third information point at La Manga Club is to consolidate its position as the leading company in the development and sale of new buildings in the resort, bringing its real estate offer closer to the new travellers staying at the luxury establishment, who are also potential residential clients.

Grand Hyatt Lobby Sales office

La Manga Club Properties consolidates its real estate development and marketing project with the refurbishment and reopening of its offices located in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf & Spa, a hotel that recently opened its doors after the renovation of the former Hotel Príncipe Felipe and which has been a revitalising development for the destination.

With the Grand Hyatt, La Manga Club Properties now has three information and sales offices in the destination, as it also has another one in La Casa Club del Real Golf, whose objective, like the hotel, is to facilitate access to information on its real estate offer to clients, as well as its main offices, a larger space that also includes a Porcelanosa showroom and examples of the main rooms of some of its new developments for sale, located on the roundabout at the access to the resort, on the Atamaría road.

Manolo López

La Manga Club Properties has been managed since 2018 by Manolo López Gilabert, who has more than 35 years of experience in the real estate sector, especially in the management, development and direction of large tourist and residential complexes. López has been involved in other projects of Arum Group, parent company of La Manga Club Properties, for which he was the technical and real estate director of the Bonmont Terres Noves Golf Club on the Costa Daurada (Tarragona) for a decade. From 2010 to 2017, he also directed the start of the urban development of Abama, in the south of Tenerife, now considered one of the best holiday resorts in Europe.

In his opinion, “the renovation of this space at the Grand Hyatt Murcia was a must, as it brings our offices up to the level of this new luxury hotel”. La Manga Club Properties is thus consolidating and concentrating its commercial strength in this Cartagena destination, where it is already a leader in the development and marketing of new-build properties.

“Although we have implemented our strategy at a digital level to take our offer to any part of the world, we believe it is important to position ourselves as a leading brand with our sales team physically in those places that have a significant flow of consumers who are interested in our premium product. We offer the possibility of making virtual visits to the different promotions we have for sale, which are a plus, but it is an alternative that culturally it is still a long way away to close the purchase. Perhaps in 10 years’ time, with virtual reality, buyers will be ready to invest in a property by watching a 3D video,” he says.

“For now, our differentiating element, beyond our product, is our direct and honest dealings with our clients. They are demanding, informed and aware investors. We are always looking for a product of excellence for them that suits their needs and I believe that with the reopening of these offices in the Grand Hyatt we are really creating the opportunity to connect with our potential buyers,” he adds.

La Manga Club Properties, which leads residential development in this exclusive area of the Costa Cálida, has been creating exclusive, spacious, comfortable and intimate homes for the most discerning client for nearly 20 years, always paying attention to its social and environmental responsibility, because the environment is the real jewel of this resort. The company is characterised by meeting demanding standards of quality, location and unique architecture to attract a luxury investor, whose maxims are the sustainability of the territory, ecological innovation in construction and the integration of a natural interior design in its developments.

As Manolo López explains, “the customer experience has now become one of the most important differentiating features. Well-informed and satisfied customers will remain loyal to your company in the long term. Therefore, improving the customer experience is no longer just a nice-to-have, but a necessary measure in the real estate industry to improve image and turnover. Growing strongly and having the best outlets, in the best locations, gives our products more visibility, which facilitates the sales process.

A boost for the destino The arrival of the first Grand Hyatt at La Manga Club

La Manga Club Resort as a destination is experiencing a sweet moment with the arrival of the first Grand Hyatt in Spain, the Grand Hyatt La Manga Club & Resort, which recently opened its doors after the refurbishment of the former Príncipe Felipe Hotel.

In terms of real estate, Grand Hyatt’s debut in Spain will increase the value of residential properties in the area, with square metre rises of 20% on their initial value, according to an estimate by Arum Group, parent company of La Manga Club Properties.

Investor profile

86% of La Manga Club’s clients are British, followed by Norwegians, Belgians, Germans and Canadians. 61% are over 60 years of age, and nearly 40% are in the 40 to 60 year old range. 40% own their own business, 15.4% are executives, 6% are investors and 13% are retired. 85.5% are golfers and 28% are tennis players. 53.8% stay at La Manga Club between one and 3 months and 20.7% consider La Manga to be their main place of residence. The main reasons for residing in La Manga Club are the climate (77%), the golf (75%) and the security (66%). These are the secrets that have kept this destination at the top of mind of many repeat tourists, who are encouraged to buy a second home there.

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