5 benefits of golf in adulthood

Benefits of golf at La Manga Club

No matter your age, gender or level of experience, the physical and mental benefits of golf are many for those who practice it. Walking long distances, refining the smoothness of your swing, using your muscles, and developing your concentration and patience are just a few of the ways the game can help you keep learning and improving in adulthood. With three world-class golf courses to choose from at La Manga Club, and with a little reminder about the benefits of this sport for its practitioners, we bet you’ll be getting those clubs out tomorrow.

Golf improves your circulation and cardiorespiratory development

Playing golf at La Manga Club means a day of tranquility, enjoyment and health, too, thanks to its ability to help you improve your circulation and cardiorespiratory fitness. Your good walk spoiled is still a walk, and these long distances over a relatively short period of time are an enjoyable way to stay active and healthy without even noticing. Your aerobic activity will help strengthen your heart, and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise those muscles and joints

Fun is one of the certain benefits of golf, and the motor activity involved will also work your muscles and joints. Your perfect golf swing requires core strength, but you can’t ignore your legs, arms or hands. This exercise in coordination will help you maintain the flexibility and elasticity of your joints and reduce the risk of pain and injuries derived from a sedentary lifestyle.

Up your emotional fitness

It’s no wonder that golf continues to gain followers around the world, when playing just makes you feel good. The particular skills and abilities required, such as concentration and hand-eye coordination, as well as being outside and moving your body, help reduce stress and anxiety. Playing regularly also has the side benefit of helping you improve the quality of your sleep, thanks to the relief of muscle tension. You’ll find that nighttime relaxation is easier to come by and the quality of your rest will improve.

Burn calories through healthy activity

Thanks to its being a low-intensity practice, golf is accessible to anyone of any age. But walking long distances between holes, staying on your feet, and hitting balls will still burn calories and improve your blood circulation.

Strengthen your relationships

Your hours outdoors in contact with nature will be further heightened by all of golf’s social benefits. Whether you enjoy the game with family, friends or even strangers who share your passion, the time talking with others and enjoying a hobby together can only bring you closer and satisfy the human need for contact. And of course the greens remain a wonderful place to strengthen your business and professional contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a home on a golf course, you doubtless made your choice knowing well the physical, social, and mental health benefits your residence would bring. And if your home is at La Manga Club, where, thanks to the weather, you can practice all year, there’s no excuse for missing out on the many benefits of golf.

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