Why buying at La Manga Club is a great decision

Property buying at La Manga Club

Buying at La Manga Club was one of the best decisions we have ever made”, is the most oft-repeated statement we hear when talking to our owners. In addition to its unique geographical location, the area’s climate, the hospitality of its people, and the natural spaces that surround our secluded enclave, there are countless other advantages that owners can enjoy. These range from administrative issues concerning European nationality to a wide range of resort services that our properties offer and which include three of the best golf courses in Spain, the security and tranquillity of a gated community or the financial compensation that your property can offer when you are away. We detail more information below:

European residence permit

When you buy a property at La Manga Club resort, you may gain the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Spain, which immediately gives you the same rein for free travel throughout the European Union (EU) as a citizen and/or a businessperson.

The purchase of a property in Spain valued at 500,000 Euros or more allows non-European foreigners to obtain a residence permit from the Spanish Government. A residence permit provides a magnificent opportunity to settle in Spain, start up your business in Europe and move around all EU countries with ease (especially advantageous to those who have been affected by Brexit).

As far as travelling is concerned, apart from the all-important bureaucratic issues, owning a property at La Manga Club means living in a well-connected transport hub. There is an extensive network of interconnected roads linking the area to the rest of Spain and also two airports nearby which have direct flights to most major European cities.

Work remotely with ease

Working in a large space illuminated with natural light and wonderful views is the dream of any employee, and with a home at La Manga Club, it becomes a reality. Now that remote working has become a requirement for many, the architectural concepts of our villas cater perfectly to this need and each residence has ample space to be divided into different areas as you wish to serve versatility, functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. And when work gives way to rest on your agenda, La Manga Club offers natural spaces where calm reigns and you can disconnect through a range of activities.

Resort services, golf courses of international renown and the security of living in a gated community

Should you decide to buy a property at La Manga Club, you’ll have access to three 18-hole golf courses of international repute and a tennis centre with 28 courts, as well as other sports facilities. What is more, thanks to the area’s temperate climate, sports can be practised outdoors year-round. There are eight FIFA-approved football pitches, a beach with private access, and numerous local attractions such as Calblanque and the Monte de las Cenizas and Cabo de Palos National Park, an internationally recognised marine reserve. In short, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to own a property where the needs of work, rest and leisure are perfectly combined.

Our residents are also offered physical security, thanks to a 24-hour security team and the control of all the resort’s access points, so there are no extra costs required to ensure your safety.

Effortlessly optimising your property revenues when not in use

If living at La Manga Club doesn’t appeal but investing in the area does, our residential community also offers buy-to-let options. This initiative allows you to opt for a profitable and sustainable business opportunity while enjoying your property personally whenever you wish to do so.

This arrangement consists of buying a property declared for tourism and renting it out. But as property owners can also define when they use their property themselves, they can enjoy vacations as they see fit. Spain has strict rules for renting tourism properties, so it is a great advantage to be able to do so legally. When renting out a property without the required municipal licence can lead to fines of up to 10,000 Euros, this is a wonderful benefit indeed.

Purchasing an apartment used for tourism in La Manga Club means that the property is expressly conceived for this purpose and operates within the strictest legal requirements. La Manga Club management take care of all the administration and maintenance of the tourism accommodation, so property owners do not have to worry about the ins and outs of running the rental apartment. There is no need to live near the resort nor to outsource these services.

Resources to help obtain Spanish residence, teleworking comfort, a range of leisure and relaxation activities, and guaranteed investment possibilities await you. There are a wealth of advantages in buying a property at La Manga Club.

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