Weekend in Cartagena: 3 plans for a jaunt from your La Manga Club property

Cala Cortina near your La Manga Club property
Photo: José Balsas García

Get ready for an exciting weekend in Cartagena just minutes from your La Manga Club property. With easy access from the resort, we’ve created three itineraries for your days away: enjoying the sun and crystal-clear waters of Cala Cortina; exploring the secrets of the city center; and immersing yourself in the historical legacy of the impressive Roman Theater. Adventure and fun await you!

Beauty that knows no season

The white sands and calm waters of Cala Cortina make it more than one of the best beaches in Murcia: it’s a true sanctuary of Mediterranean peace and harmony. In the warm summer months, Cala Cortina shines under the sun, attracting anyone seeking the comforting coolness of its clear waters or the relaxation of its soft sand.

But the charms of Cala Cortina last into the winter as well. Thanks to the area’s mild climate, you can continue to enjoy this beach’s tranquility by talking long walks along the shore with the murmur of the waves in the background. Bring a blanket and you can even enjoy a picnic lunch by the sea.

The heart of Cartagena: a unique cultural experience

The center of Cartagena, Murcia, with its rich cultural heritage and history, is an essential stop during your weekend in Cartagena. So pack up the car: the secrets of the Region of Murcia are closer than you think.

Let yourself be enveloped by the unique atmosphere of the city’s cobbled streets as you enter a world of living history. Every square and alley tells a fascinating story. From the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria, a stunning example of religious architecture, to the beauty of the Modernist architecture of the Palacio Consistorial, you’ll cherish these discoveries forever.

The timeless legacy of the Roman Theater: a window to the past

A must-see, this building has survived the passing of the centuries to tell the story of a glorious era. Gazing at its walls, it’s easy to imagine the performances and events that once took place on this majestic stage.

Dip into the magic of the past through these well-preserved Roman ruins in Cartagena whose grandeur has stood the test of time. From the heights of the stands to the central stage, every corner of the Roman Theater harks back to an era of splendor and culture.

The serenity of Cala Cortina, the majesty of the Roman Theater, the charms of the historical center… a weekend in Cartagena is an experience full of culture and natural beauty. Explore and discover the city’s unique treasures just a few kilometres from your La Manga Club property. Murcia tourism is nothing less than enjoyment and delight.

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