Visit Cabo de Palos from your house at La Manga Club

Cabo de Palos near your house at La Manga Club
Photo credit: Alberto Casanova

History, nature, sport, and gastronomy are just a few of the gifts offered by this spot on the Mediterranean that lies quite close to your house at La Manga Club. Cabo de Palos is one of those places capable of combining tradition and modernity with a magic touch that will surprise you. The origins of this fishing village lie, on the one hand, in the mysticism of a place inhabited by the Phoenicians and having thousands of years of history, and on the other, in the modernity of a place that has adapted itself to its times, offering visitors a wide range of watersports and cuisine options that will especially delight lovers of seafood.

History and gastronomy around the corner from your residence at La Manga Club

Located in Cartagena, the municipality and landmark Cabo de Palos take their names from the Latin for their proximity to the Mar Menor or palus: “lagoon” in Latin. In ancient times, there was a temple consecrated to Baal Hammon on the promontory. This was the Phoenician god that the Greeks called “Cronos” and the Romans “Saturn”. At this same point in 1554, King Charles I ordered the construction of a watchtower to evade the pirate attacks so frequent in that era. But it wasn’t until 1862 when construction began on the lighthouse that stands today and that was lit for the first time in January 1865.

Today, Cabo de Palos is a tourism destination well known for its local cuisine that draws from the traditions of this maritime community that are still very much alive today. The bars, restaurants, and beach bars along the boardwalk, as well as the port and its surroundings, offer delicious dishes with local catches as their base. Among these, a standout is the “Mar Menor stew”, an exquisite mix of rice and local fish. Located less than 15 minutes by car from your La Manga Club property, there are many other activities and places to go that will interest you.

A taste of the sea just a few steps away

If you’re a fish lover, walk along the port and the Paseo de la Barra, a small part of the port filled with fishing boats that give it that traditional authenticity that is harder and harder to find. This is also the area where you’ll find restaurants that will delight your senses with the best cuisine. Make sure not to leave the zone without seeing Zeneta, the ancient part of the Paseo de la Barra that was divided when they built the port. There, you’ll enjoy the sight of little boats and impressive ancient houses framed by the sea that rises up to the feet of the houses themselves.

In the evening you can take a pause in the Plaza of the Virgen del Mar where the lanterns lighting the tables and the surrounding white houses will give you a sensation of Mediterranean old-world charm. And if you’re planning a small outing from your house at La Manga Club and you want to enjoy nature, get ready to traverse the cliffs and coves, Levante Beach, and, particularly, Pato Island. They’re all fascinating places where the sea and the sunshine seem to sparkle in a special way.

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