Three scientific outings for the whole family near your La Manga Club property

Scientific outings near your La Manga Club property

Memory is built of special experiences, and family trips are recorded in indelible ink, especially when they involve your La Manga Club property. From the resort, you can take on some incredible adventures with your loved ones, because La Manga Club is surrounded by landscapes ideal for walking, swimming, diving or simply sitting and contemplating the sunset. Traveling together as a family will always be an incomparable experience, and when you’re at your house at La Manga Club you can also plan lots of outings. Today, here are three options for anyone with a passion for science: Terra Natura, the Aquarium at the University of Murcia, and the Museum of Science and Water. Join us!

Terra Natura

A 45-minute car trip is all that stands between your home at La Manga Club and Terra Natura Murcia, a zoological park that recreates African and Iberian Peninsula habitats for almost 50 species. Animals under threat of extinction like the Masai Giraffe and the Ring-tailed Lemur share space with the White Rhinocerous and lions, and we can also see how the Iberian Wolf, the nutria, and the brown bear, species native to Spain, live.

In areas that are controlled but cage-free, the animals can move around as they like, while visitors use special paths that have been created for them. The Park has a bar with glass walls where you can sit and watch giraffes, hyenas, and hippopotami stroll by, and also has a snack bar where you can have a family meal in the middle of the La Albufera wetlands. If you’re visiting your La Manga Club house in summer, don’t miss Aqua Natura Murcia, a water park filled with slides and swimming pools.

If you want to continue the adventure and you have more time, you can plan an outing to Terra Natura Benidorm. This park, which, like the other, is driven by the same concepts of conservation of and education about the protection of animals, is 40,000 sqm of zones that replicate the habitats of the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Pangea supercontinent.

Setting out by car from your La Manga Club property, you cross the Region of Murcia on the AP7 highway and in two hours you can arrive at Terra Natura Benidorm. What awaits you is a fascinating journey through forests, plains, deserts, and volcanos with incredible animals like the Bengal tiger, the Indian rhino, the jaguar, and the ocelot. You can also book a visit to each habitat by day or by night accompanied by the caretakers and educators who work in the park. We guarantee you an album full of incomparable photos and anecdotes that you’ll recall for many years.

The University of Murcia Aquarium

If you and your family love the marine world, don’t miss the University of Murcia Aquarium. This is the only university aquarium in Spain and one of the few in the world that has managed to get coral to reproduce in captivity.

It’s also very easy to get to. From your residence at La Manga Club, head towards the city of Murcia. The old artillery barracks building is where the University’s aquarium is housed. And though the ultimate use of the center is research, it is open to the public. Its 20 fish tanks will let you get up-close-and-personal with ocean fauna from the Indian and Pacific as well as from the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. In addition, the aquarium has an area dedicated to species from the Mar Menor, the part of the Mediterranean that faces the Region of Murcia.

Take advantage of your stay at your house at La Manga Club to gift yourself this experience of seeing incredible animals like the stonefish, the most venomous fish in the world, or the seahorse, which has been bred in captivity in this aquarium and been released back into the Mar Menor to repopulate it. Sharks, coral, reefs, moray eels, blowfish, anemones, and clown fish, among many other species, can be seen easily all year round except for in August, when the aquarium is closed to the public for maintenance.

The Museum of Science and Water

For the curious, a perfect day can be spent at the Museum of Science and Water in Murcia. Just 45 minutes by car from your property at La Manga Club, you’ll find this interactive museum in which you can learn plenty about biology, astronomy, physics, and chemistry. The Planetarium, the Water Room, the Seasons Room, and the Discovery and Imagination Room can be viewed in the order you prefer, because this is a profoundly entertaining and dynamic experience. “Touch”, “play”, and “move” are verbs that take on true meaning in the exhibits and rooms of this museum. The idea is that children and adults learn new things by testing whether, for example, animals sweat or some rocks can float. Want to try for yourself? The Museum of Science and Water is very close to your La Manga Club property and you’ll be giving your children the experience of a day with their family that is as entertaining as it is educational.

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