The Day of Murcia: how to spend a day away from our golf resort

spend your Day of Murcia on an excursion from our golf resort

The 9th of June is the Day of Murcia, a holiday in the region in which our golf resort is located. It’s an opportunity to try out something new and leave the grounds of La Manga Club to learn more about the incredible cultural and natural riches of this part of the Eastern Spanish coast.

In addition to the official festivities celebrated in Lorca, the Day of Murcia is the perfect excuse to enjoy the warmth of the beaches and the cultural treasures of the capital on days when the residents are filled with holiday cheer. Today we offer a wide variety of ways to experience Murcia and all that it has to offer:

A day beneath the waves

In Cabo de Palos you can find one of the most spectacular marine life ecosystems on the Mediterranean coast. This reserve is formed by a chain of rocks that extends some 60 metres below the surface, and amongst which lies an immense cemetery of ships, victims of the rocks’ sharp tips. A truly spectacular place to dive!

Historical and cultural immersion in the capital

A stroll through some of the most ancient and famous streets in Murcia, the Trapería and Platería streets, is a perfect plan if you love diving into city history. In the central Trapería street, you’ll find the Royal Casino of Murcia, one of the most emblematic buildings in the city and dating back to 1847. You’ll also be able to visit the Romea Theatre, located in Plaza Julián Romea, a silent testament to the first runs of works by Jacinto Benavente, Federico García Lorca, and the company of María Guerrero and Fernando Díaz de Mendoza.
If you’re an art lover, don’t miss the Cathedral of Santa María or the Museum of Sacred Art, where you’ll find a very good sculpture collection of the works of Francisco Salzillo, one of the most well-known Baroque masters.

Pure sun and nature

June is, without a doubt, the best month to enjoy nature in Murcia. The temperature hasn’t yet climbed to summer levels, so it’s a great time to visit the Regional Park of Calblanque. Observing the birds and the spring flowers along the trails and paths that join Cabo de Palos and Portmán, the Regional Park of Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas and Peña del Águila is one of the great privileges enjoyed by hiking fans who reside in our golf resort.

Surrender to the mysticism of Caravaca de la Cruz

Beyond religious tourism, visiting Caravaca de la Cruz, one of the eight holy Christian cities, is a unique experience. Its city centre, dating back to the Medieval period, deserves special mention. If you haven’t yet visited, this is the perfect opportunity to spend a very special day away from La Manga Club.

The Pools of Lodo: a perfect way to relax

San Pedro de Pinatar is a town just a few minutes from our golf resort that attracts thousands of tourists every year with its mud and salt baths, said to have curative properties. The waters are supposedly beneficial for skin ailments, rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis and chronic pain. So if a day of relaxation is what you seek, this is the perfect destination.

The magic of the Castle of Lorca

Have you always been hopelessly attracted to Medieval histories of knights and castles? If so, a visit to the Castle of Lorca is a must. Its ramparts date to the period between the IX and XV centuries, and it was a key bastion in the conflicts between Christians and Muslims during the Reconquista. Today, it has been rehabilitated and put to use as a tourism and accommodation centre including the National Parador of Lorca, so there is plenty of information on hand about its storied history.

A day at the theatre

Cartagena is one of the major tourism attractions of the region thanks to its rich artistic history that spans many different eras: Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, the military buildings of the modern and contemporary eras, and its beautiful neoclassical and modernist constructions. But it’s the Roman Theatre that deserves special attention: built during the time of the emperor Augustus, it was discovered by University of Murcia archaeologist Sebastián Ramallo Asensio in 1988 and has since been named a Building of Cultural Interest.

A beach day at La Manga del Mar Menor, always a safe bet

Deciding to spend a beach day at Spain’s largest natural lagoon is thoroughly enjoyable, even if it’s not the most original plan. If there was one thing you knew when you decided to buy a property at our golf resort, it was that at La Manga Club you would certainly be taking any number of opportunities to lie under the sun and let your thoughts drift away. Can you think of a better time to do it than the beginning of June?

We’re sure that one of these proposals will hit the mark for your Day of Murcia 2019. Spend an unforgettable holiday day getting to know the region, because even though you have an endless supply of leisure activities at your fingertips at our golf resort, Murcia has plenty to offer as well. At La Manga Club, you don’t have to apologise for having it all.

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