Spring Festivals in Murcia: the perfect reason to enjoy the sun away from your La Manga Club property

After the odour of incense and candles during the fascinating Holy Week, the Mediterranean surrenders itself to colour, flowers, and joy. In Murcia, close to your La Manga Club property, the Spring Festivals, playful popular celebrations associated with the arrival of good weather, are an opportunity to learn a bit more about Murcian culture and the customs whose roots lie in this part of eastern Spain. The origins of the festival date to 1899, and first consisted of various celebrations that began immediately after Easter Sunday as a prolongation of the Carnival festivities that precede Holy Week.

Since their birth, the celebrations of the Spring Festival have evolved, and today they last a full week, with programming that begins on Saturday, the 31st of March, and winds up Sunday, the 8th of April. During that time, there are all manner of activities that will delight young and old alike, an optimistic and restorative ode to the joy of living that since ancient times has been intimately tied to the arrival of the new season.

The best-known of the celebrations begin, as we said, on Easter Sunday, with the opening of Las Barracas Huertanas. Tuesday sees the day of the Bando de la Huerta, and then later in the week come the Flower Parade, the Arrival of the Sardine, the Certamen de Tunas and the Testamento Sardinero. It’s a full display of music, flowers and joy that culminates Saturday with El Entierro de La Sardina (the Burial of the Sardine).

If you are spending a few days relaxing in your La Manga Club property and you’d like to enjoy the mild temperatures of the month of April in Spain, the Spring Festivals of Murcia are the best place to be. Consult the official programme and take advantage of our wonderful climate to let the sun and the sea breeze caress your skin again. After all, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

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