Playing mini golf at La Manga Club: how to improve your kids' game without them noticing

Enjoying mini golf at our La Manga Club apartments for sale

After many years of experience offering La Manga Club properties for sale, we know that one of the most important things for those who choose to buy an apartment or villa in our sport and leisure resort is sharing their passions and good times with family. For golf lovers, getting their children interested in their favorite sport may seem a difficult job, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Though you can begin taking children to our magnificent and lauded golf courses from the age of 5, it’s important to make sure that they’re not inundated because the terrain and difficulty level isn’t adapted to their age. But one fun way for them to get into the swing of things from a young age is to get them started on mini golf.

You may find it amusing to learn that mini golf was born as an alternative to real golf for women, as it was considered that their physical condition wasn’t up to the task of handling the weight of the clubs and the force required to drive. Obviously all this has changed, but the benefits offered by this discipline still seduce old and young alike today. Though the rules haven’t changed much, this is still a hobby that’s quite useful for those who want to begin playing golf.

What makes mini golf so attractive? These are just a few of the aspects that are sure to hook your children:

You can begin at ground zero

In order to enjoy many sports, you’ll have had to go through a more or less long learning period before playing in a game or enjoying a session. Activities like skiing or playing tennis are pretty painful and/or boring if you don’t have a minimum level of technical skill in order to feel safe or be sure that you’ll actually hit a ball during the match. But with mini golf, you can enjoy yourself from the first day, as sharp technique isn’t necessary to get the ball in the hole. Of course, the better you are, the better you’ll play, but this is a game that can be just as entertaining for beginners as for experts. Just a few steps from our La Manga Club properties for sale, you’ll find the mini golf courses full to the brim of parents and children enjoying this activity together.

18 holes, but shorter distances

On the mini golf course, a full circuit of all 18 holes will run you between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. It’s just long enough to convince yourself you’ve done some sport, but the kids won’t be left exhausted and hoping they never have to repeat the experience. They’ll have had the enjoyment of outdoor activity without associating it with endless walking; it’ll be remembered as a fun day out in nature.

More entertaining challenges

As everyone knows, the short distances to the holes are completely compensated for by the hugely fun obstacles, tricks and traps offered by a quality mini golf course. Don’t be quick to dismiss these challenges, which require skill and patience to overcome. And of course we can’t forget that mini golf is some of the best training for your short game, which will come well in handy when you hit the greens as an adult. So while you’re trying to get round that tight corner you’ll be sharpening your skills without even noticing.

Total safety for your children while you enjoy your property at La Manga Club

The multitude of different kinds of golf clubs offer adult golfers options for their game, but using them, and perfecting one’s swing, are skills that must be undertaken with caution. You wouldn’t want to have to worry about your children playing on their own and getting too close to someone about to drive. But in mini golf, with its charming encouragement to keep your swings below the knee, accidents are much easier to avoid. Children learn to keep a respectful distance between themselves and the putter without having to suffer grevious injury that drives the point home. So go ahead and relax at home. The kids will be having the time of their life with friends.

If you’re the owner of a villa or you’ve decided to buy an apartment at La Manga Club, you’ll have learned that our mini golf course is one of the greatest assets for families that hope their children will become enthusiasts of the game. You’ll enjoy every hour you and yours spend outside in some of the most spectacular surroundings you could ever imagine. And, as they grow, they’ll be graduated to our professional golf facilities already having a strong foundation of skills that they picked up completely painlessly. So what are you waiting for? Get out and hit those mini-links just steps from your front door.

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