Natural attractions in Murcia: discover the Usero Waterfall

Salto del Usero
Credit: Santiago Foulquié Romero -

The Salto del Usero, or Usero Waterfall, is a natural attraction in Murcia in one of the most beautiful corners of the region: Bullas. The wild sonorousness of the waterfall, the pool of crystal-clear water beneath it, and the surrounding green vegetation make it an ideal place to enjoy nature in its purest form and relax in a quiet yet spectacular environment.

In addition, the area has several hiking trails that will help you discover the landscape and enjoy breathtaking views. Ready to learn about this hidden treasure in Murcia?

A natural corner

Not a beachgoer or sailor? Don’t feel like diving into the history of Murcia or the Roman ruins of Cartagena? If you just want to be out in nature and admire lovely scenery, the Salto del Usero is one of the natural attractions that will best satisfy your needs. It is located in the municipality of Bullas, about 7 km from the city center and 60 km or so from the capital of Murcia. It sits at the heart of the Sierra Espuña Regional Park, known for its gorgeous mountains and countless trails that offer panoramic views of immeasurable beauty.

The Usero Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the area. Its clear waters fall about 4 meters into a large pool, some 5 meters deep, and the whole area is surrounded by vegetation and perfect for enjoying a picnic or a walk.

If you’ve enjoyed hiking in Cartagena or Cieza, you’ll find the area surrounding the Salto del Usero to be a delight, featuring mountainous woody spots, several rest areas, and well-marked trails and paths that allow you to explore the whole zone and envelop yourself in nature.

As for the flora and fauna, you’ll find Mediterranean species typical of the region, such as holm oaks, kermes oaks, rosemary, cistus and thyme. The common animals include birds of prey like the peregrine falcon and Bonelli’s eagle, as well as nightingales, blackbirds and goldfinches. Small reptiles like the Iberian lizard or the ladder snake also call this their home, along with wild boars, genets, and other mammals.

The freedom of the outdoors

This natural attraction in Murcia will help you regain the freedom of the outdoors. As you enjoy a quiet walk, breathing fresh air and taking in the sweeping landscapes, you’ll be exercising your body and your mind on the well-planned trails around the Salto del Usero. Don’t forget to pack your picnic for the rest area designed for visitors. It boasts beautiful panoramic views that are made all the more enjoyable with a good meal in good company. After an intense day of hiking, your rest will be well earned.

Don’t let this unique and unforgettable experience slip away! This natural attraction in Murcia is one of the secret jewels of the region, and you won’t be disappointed when you return to your home at La Manga Club with stories of your excursion. Become the expert in Murcia tourism that you want to be; the natural wonders of the region are one of the best reasons to call this corner of the Earth yours.

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