La Manga Club resort: wonderful homes by the sea

La Manga Club homes by the sea

La Manga Club Resort is a truly exceptional place for buyers seeking homes by the sea with a full range of services. Located on the Mediterranean coast in the Region of Murcia in Spain, the resort offers incredible leisure and sport facilities in a community setting unmatched by any other resort in Europe. It’s the perfect choice for those who desire a second home on the coast where they can enjoy a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

Walking the trails within or outside the grounds, diving into the swimming pool of a private villa or residential complex, and playing football, tennis or golf are some of the activities that our owners enjoy whenever they spend time at their homes in La Manga Club. And recently, the inauguration of the Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf & Spa has opened up even more sport, fitness and relaxation options with its extraordinary infinity pool and Alma spa, as well as additional dining establishments. The overall effect has been a positive impact on property appreciation, as the resort makes global improvements to bring itself in line with the standards of the Grand Hyatt and the expectations of its guests.

Those who have visited La Manga Club also know the great privilege of having private access to the beach. La Manga Club’s cove is secluded and pristine, with the La Cala restaurant ready to serve those enjoying a day in the sun. Living by the sea is a source of physical and mental health benefits that derive from the clean water, the breeze, and the soothing sound of the waves.

Healthy living by the sea

A direct path leads from the interior of La Manga Club down to the sea. Our beach is one of several wonderful coves and seaside areas in this part of the Mediterranean coastline that begins at Cala del Barco and extends through places like El Cuervo and Las Mulas. The temperate climate, always pleasant thanks to the winds that blow along the coast, is accompanied by more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It’s an environment conducive to an active life in any season, as well as offering numerous health benefits:

  • Clean air: Marine air is charged with negative ions that can be beneficial to the human body. They promote oxygen absorption, improve lung function and help balance our levels of serotonin, a hormone that influences mood and general well-being. It also helps clear the respiratory passages, decreases congestion and relieves symptoms of asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory conditions.
  • Sun exposure: Moderate sun exposure is essential for the production of vitamin D in our bodies, which strengthens our bones, improves the immune system and aids in disease prevention.
  • Reduced stress and improved emotional well-being: the best beaches in Murcia offer the soothing sound of waves, panoramic views of the sea and the natural surroundings, and have a calming effect on body and mind. You can also enjoy relaxing walks, practice outdoor yoga, or just sit meditate on the sand.

The value of a home near the Mar Menor

Buying a home in La Manga Club provides multiple benefits that go beyond health, the most important of these being that seaside properties’ value tends to increase in the market. More and more families are looking for a second home they can come to for weekend or holiday getaways, and when the property is located in a resort with a constant influx of guests, the possibility of short-term rental adds value to a long-term investment. In addition, because the destination is an established one, residents can find everything they need without leaving the complex. This includes, besides the sport and leisure facilities, shopping establishments, grocery stores, petrol stations, pharmacies, and more. In this vibrant and vital community, it’s easy to stay for long periods of time.

The presence of the Grand Hyatt La Manga Club La Manga Golf & Spa within the resort is projected to raise the value per square meter of homes in the complex by up to 20%. This is the figure calculated by Arum Group, the developer of La Manga Club Properties, which is currently working on one of its most ambitious projects: the construction of 42 modern apartments in a complex called Las Orquídeas. Located at the center of La Manga Club Resort and overlooking the Mar Menor, these homes by the sea are a great opportunity to carve out a space of your own on the Spanish Costa Cálida.

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