La Manga Club recommends 5 charming Cartagena sights

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Cartagena is a city filled with heritage, culture, excellent dining and loads of charm, and today La Manga Club Properties would like to recommend some new places for you to discover on your next trip to Murcia. These magical corners are hidden by walls, facades and staircases with centuries of history behind them. You know that just a short distance from your home at La Manga Club there are many places marked in your travel guide, but today we offer a tour that will help you absorb the essence of this Spanish town. Come along!

The Roman Theater of Cartagena

Our first stop will take you back to between 5 and 1 BC. It was in these years that one of the architectural jewels of the Iberian Peninsula was built: the Roman Theater of Cartagena. Discovered in excavations conducted in 1988 by archaeologist Sebastián Ramallo Asensio, it has become an obligatory stop on any tourism, academic or cultural tour. This wonder, located just 27 kilometers from La Manga Club, underwent a serious reconstruction process that allowed it to reopen its doors to the public 13 years ago. The project was made possible by integrating the site into a museum complex that makes the experience that much more complete. Objects from different periods recovered during the excavations exist alongside videos of virtual images that really bring home the magnitude of this building’s importance in the era in which it was built. In addition, you can tour the theater like the great gladiators did at the time.

Castle of La Conception

Located on a hill of the same name, one of the five hills that protect the city, the location of this castle will offer you one of the best panoramic views of both Cartagena in general and the Roman Theater in particular. La Manga Club Properties would advise you to visit the old castle cisterns to learn about the history of this medieval fortress. While there, take advantage too of the outstanding museum itinerary offered by the Cartagena History Interpretation Center, where you can learn a tremendous amount about the history of the city.

The historical center

The third stop – and just 23 minutes by car from La Manga Club – is the historic center. With monuments and prominent buildings like the Casino of Cartagena, walking through these streets offers a trip into the past and the city’s heritage. Its legacy is clear at sites like the façade of the Consistorial Palace, one of the most imposing buildings in town. Built between 1900-1907 and restored at the beginning of the century, there are still city bureaucratic activities carried out in its interior. While you’re in the center, try to see the Gran Hotel and the Church of Santo Domingo as well.

The port

A little over 27 kilometers from La Manga Club, you will find another essential stop on this route. We refer, of course, to the port of Cartagena. As you walk through it, you’ll discover the Old Regatta Club and the mythical “Tail of the whale” sculpture that captures the act of this animal diving into the waters around the port. This 24-ton statue, the work of the sculptor Fernando Sáenz de Elorrieta, is truly impressive. You can also choose to walk the Blue Trail, which connects Cala Cortina Beach with the Real Club de Regatas, or enjoy the bustling activity of the maritime heart of the city.

Mirador de la Esperanza

Finally, we suggest you visit the Mirador de la Esperanza. 31 kilometers and 45 minutes from La Manga Club, this is considered one of the most beautiful places in the city, and, in turn, one of the best viewpoints of Murcia. From the Mirador de la Esperanza lookout, you’ll have a picture-perfect Cartagena sunset in your sights, as well as an incredible panoramic view.

Your agenda’s already booked for the next time you visit your residence at La Manga Club! All this tour requires is a bit of time and an open mind for delving into history, appreciating the architecture of different eras, and being carried away by the natural charms of the fascinating city of Cartagena.

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