Improve your handicap at La Manga Club: essential golf clubs

Essential golf clubs at La Manga Club

The fundamental allies of any player, golf clubs bear witness to the progress of neophytes and experts alike who come to La Manga Club to set increasingly demanding personal goals. And if you have a residence here, the decision to buy a home in the resort doubtless had something to do with its astounding sports facilities. There are few other places you’ll find this perfect combination of first-class services and spectacular climate that allow you to play golf any day of the year. You can practice and practice, and your only limits will be those you put on yourself.

Today we go back to the basics, for those who are just beginning to learn about this wonderful game. If you’re ready to improve your handicap, take this little refresher on the essential clubs that will eventually help you dominate the holes of our 3 spectacular golf courses. Take a lesson at the Academy, but don’t show up without having done your homework!

Club types and characteristics

Woods: called woods and drivers, these clubs are the ones that will give you the greatest power, so they are used for the longest shots. The most commonly used are the numbers 1, 2 and 5. The numbering is established with the following criteria: fairway woods, numbered from 2 to 11, are designed for long shots, and woods from 7 to 11 are usually called utility.

Irons: irons differ from each other by the loft angle, which causes the ball to acquire a more or less high trajectory and can be basically divided into 2 groups: the irons numbered from 1 to 9 for intermediate or approach shots between 100 and 180 meters, and wedges, which have a greater incline. The latter are marked with letters that represent their names (Pitching, Gap, Lob, Ultra Lob) and are used for shots that require little distance, a steep angle of elevation, and little displacement of the ball after landing.

Putter: used to push – or hole – the ball onto the green for the final shot, putters offer a lot of variety in terms of design, material, shape, style, weight, length and grip.

Hybrids: these intermediate clubs bring together the precision of iron and the power of woods. They are increasingly used in professional circuits as they aim to achieve the distance of the woods and the ease of use of irons.

In general, our experts recommend that a golf beginner’s basic kit include 1, 2 and 5 woods, a 3 or 9 iron, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter, although the rules allow a player up to 14 clubs.

The real secret to improving your handicap is knowing how to choose the right club for the right situation, so it’s essential that you get the feel of them all. Each club is used in a specific set of circumstances and for a particular type of shot. There are differences in the striking distance that can be achieved with each one, and you must familiarize yourself with their numbering, the head tilt indicator. The higher the number, the greater the incline and the shorter the distance the ball will travel in the shot. A full understand of what this translates to in real-life situations is the real foundation for expertise. With dedication, you will be able to choose the club and numbering that suits every occasion.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to put in the work that will lead you down the road to mastery. But at least you won’t lack time or means. Having a house in a golf resort like La Manga Club guarantees that practice and training are never out of reach. Time to take advantage of one of the most prestigious golf resorts in Europe!

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