Holy Week in Murcia: the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in tourism in Murcia

holy week and tourism in murcia

Holy Week is just around the corner, and it’s one of the best times to come and relax at La Manga Club sport and leisure resort. This period offers a great opportunity to get to know better this region beloved by the Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors, for all of whom it was a grand garden and solace.

Here below are the great Murcian cities, the ones that you absolutely cannot fail to visit:


It’s a mortal sin to be in the Region of Murcia during Holy Week and fail to dive into the fantastic environment of the capital with its beautiful plazas and streets. There’s a lot to see, from the incredible cathedral, that dreamt of being gothic and woke up baroque, to the archaeological museum, to the beautiful Santa Clara monastery ensconced within the city. But it’s obligatory to lose yourself in the city center and give yourself up to the delicacies offered in the picturesque bars and restaurants that populate the plazas and streets, like the well known Plaza de Las Flores. Dive in and enjoy the fabulous Murcian gastronomy, replete with dishes with such succulent names as “salmorejo”, “zarangollo” (a typical Murcian scramble), or “michirones” (a delicious stew of broad beans, ham and chorizo). And we could never say goodbye without trying the flagship dessert, paparajote, made with lemon leaves covered in flour and egg and dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

cathedral de murcia - turismo en murcia


Another enclave that you shouldn’t miss is the beautiful maritime city of Cartagena. It exudes legend and treasures from every pore, like the great Roman amphitheater that looks over the town. Founded by the Carthaginians in 277 BC, jewel of the Mediterranean, gateway of Hispania, it awaits us with open arms to bring us in and reveal these treasures to the delight of our senses. In the streets, myth and history assault us on all sides. Must-sees include the amphitheater and the many museums: the Archeological, the Naval, and the Military History. But don’t forget to gather your strength and press on to enjoy the delicious tapas offered by the more than 80 bars on the numerous charming terraces sprinkled around this gorgeous city in the bosom of the Mediterranean.

puente de cartagena - turismo en murcia


You also shouldn’t forget about the beautiful baroque city of Lorca, where you can see the best embroidery pieces made by man on display in the Museo Azul de la Semana Santa, and wander aimlessly through its luminous and picturesque passageways. This frontier city, city of the 100 shields and guiding light of the Spanish Baroque, is an obligatory stop for art lovers. Its streets inspire, and must-sees include the famous IX century castle, the baroque Palace of Guevara, and the Blue Museum of Holy Week (Museo Azul de la Semana Santa), where we can see the aforementioned embroidered tapestries of biblical scenes. We’d also recommend that you head down to enjoy some of the impressive virgin beaches that gild its 8 kilometers of coastline.

semana santa en lorca - turismo en murcia

Without a doubt, Murcian Holy Week is about much more than faith and religion, so don’t miss it. Take advantage of your time at our leisure and sport resort, La Manga Club, and discover a region filled with fascinating attractions, where these celebrations come to life in a uniquely Murcian way.

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