Golf tips: how to improve your approach

Golf tips: how to improve your approach
Photo by David Goldsbury on Unsplash

When you take your fledgling steps in any sport, recommendations are always appreciated, but golf tips keep coming in handy even after many years on the course. Perfecting your approach, for example, is a challenge that lingers because this is where a golfer’s skill is truly put to the test. Getting to the green with mastery and determination and leaving your ball in the ideal position is an art. Today, we offer a few golf tips and tactics that will help you achieve greatness in every stroke. Here, precision and strategy rule the day.

Why such a challenge?

The approach is the phase in which a player approaches the green from a considerable distance, usually after a good tee shot. It is one of the most important golf interludes: the strategic stroke that seeks to place the ball as close as possible to the hole and put you in a great position for your final putt.

It requires precision, control and strategy. Golfers must evaluate the distance they have to cover and the conditions of the terrain, taking into account obstacles like bunkers, water features and slopes. In addition, they have to select the right club and execute their swing with intention, leaving the ball in a favorable position for their next shot. A successful approach can make the difference between a birdie or a bogey, and it’s fundamental to achieving a good score.

Thus, the approach is both a technical and mental challenge. Players must combine physical dexterity, intelligent decisionmaking and a precise mindset to master this phase.

Why so important?

The approach plays a crucial role in your final score. It is often said that “the drive sells tickets, but the approach wins championships.” After you’ve hit a good drive off the tee, the approach is the next key shot that determines how close you will get to the hole and how easy or difficult your next shot will be.

The approach also has a significant impact on a player’s confidence and performance. An accurate approach that succeeds in placing the ball close to the hole provides a sense of satisfaction and ups your confidence in your abilities. A poor approach can leave you feeling frustrated and negatively affect your physical and mental performance on subsequent shots.

What to do?

  • Golf clubs. The correct choice of club is essential for a successful approach, and should be made according to the distance to cover and the conditions of the terrain. Experienced players know that each club has a maximum distance and different flight characteristics. Evaluating the space your ball must traverse, while taking wind conditions and the texture of the terrain into account, will help you select the right club and achieve good control over the ball.
  • Proper stance and grip. If you want an accurate swing on your approach, these are fundamental. A balanced stance, with your feet properly aligned and your weight properly distributed, will provide stability and allow for a smooth movement through your body during the swing. And a firm but relaxed grip on the club will give you the control you need to hit the ball with accuracy and power.
  • Alignment and visual targeting. These are essential for an effective approach. Before hitting the shot, it is crucial to align your body and the club in the desired direction. Imagine an invisible line connecting you and your target and adjust your stance and club accordingly. Also, clearly visualize where you want the ball to land and keep that image in your mind as you swing. This will help you focus on the target and execute the shot more accurately.

So many of our residents at La Manga Club chose to buy a home on a golf course because they knew they needed to be close to the game they love. But they also know that this is a game that ages well. Putting in the time to master the fundamentals of the approach is one of the golf tips that never gets old, and our Academy trainers are always on hand to help.

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