Golf Technology: Another reason to choose La Manga Club Properties

Swing catalyst and trackman at La Manga Club properties

La Manga Club properties tick the boxes on any number of important features when you’re looking for a holiday home: a great climate, wonderful local culture, a vibrant international community, and beautiful residences. And for golf lovers, the offer is unbeatable. The resort includes three 18-hole courses designed to keep you entertained year-round, as well as a pitch-and-putt that’s a family favourite.

All three of our courses are now in the Top 100 in Europe, and our star South Course has hosted Spanish Opens and many other professional tournaments. No less is to be expected from courses designed by such greats as Arnold Palmer and Dave Thomas, but it’s gratifying to know that more than 45 years after its inauguration, the resort continues to be a golf powerhouse and a reference in the industry.

But La Manga Club’s golf world doesn’t end with our courses. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of La Manga Club golf is its capacity to educate as well as entertain. The Golf Training Centre at La Manga Club, under the leadership of the Swedish Thomas Johansson, takes a multi-pronged approach to improving handicaps, and accompanies this approach with the best facilities possible. Putting, driving, and practice areas are available through our expert instructors, but they also have one other arrow in their quiver: the latest in technology.

The standouts of this modern approach to improvement are no doubt Swing Catalyst and Trackman, two tools used even by pros with an already excellent game.

Swing Catalyst allows a player to see the physical forces at work in her swing. A golfer takes a swing from the Balance Plate, and data is processed that allows for a graphic representation on screen of where the central forces and weight are going throughout the stroke. This allows a player to see how her posture, grip, and technique are effecting change on her drive, and look for possible avenues for improvement over time.

It also offers the unique ability to customise training for each individual’s strengths and body, ensuring that you get the absolute best results possible from your personal training. La Manga Club is the only golf course in Spain that uses this technology, and Thomas Johansson the only ambassador of the Swing Catalyst brand in the country.

In concert with Swing Catalyst, Trackman is another secret weapon available to our players. This system uses Doppler radar technology to provide data about the drive and distance travelled by a ball, as well as the moment of impact that produced it. The adjustments made by our expert team of trainers, in combination with the before-and-after picture of what happens at a physical and technical level, will give you an edge that you never thought possible.

As you can see, The Golf Training Centre at La Manga Club is no mere putting green. Our team works tirelessly on behalf of every golfer who owns La Manga Club properties to advance your game and take your play to new heights. A simple round may be fun, but seeing steady returns on your investment in yourself is priceless.

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