Excursion to Cuatro Calas from your La Manga Club property

the La Manga Club property lies close to a spectacular site: Cuatro Calas

Though having a La Manga Club property assures that you’ll always be able to enjoy the best sport facilities and services in Europe, if you’re active and you like to enjoy your leisure time, surely the idea of launching into an adventure and discovering the heavenly corners offered by the Murcian coast is extremely attractive. So today we introduce you to one of the last virgin spots in the area, a secret paradise known only to locals as Cuatro Calas.

Due to its incomparable natural, geological, and ethnographic value, this is a Protected Area. Situated in the municipality of Águilas, it is formed, as its name indicates, by four emblematic coves: Reona Cove, La Huiguerica, La Carolina, and Los Cocedores. Touching the Punta Parda Volcano, this region abutting the province of Almería, forms part of the Red Natura 2000 (Nature Network 2000), created to protect the coastal landscapes, including their underwater areas, whose riches allow visitors to learn about an infinite variety of flora and fauna species that only thrive far from the touch of man.

If you’re planning a special day away from your property at La Manga Club, here’s a plan you can’t refuse: an excursion through these four beaches that will have you falling in love with the blues of the sky and the Mediterranean.

Your first date is with Cala Reona, a beach of fine, white sand with a cosy atmosphere. Here you can take a refreshing dip and sun yourself under the sun as you contemplate the splendid landscape and enjoy a refreshment at the chiringuito. Little frequented, this is one of the few zones far from the throngs of tourists, in which you’ll find excellent services, with an activity offer that will be attractive for any sailing or canoeing aficionado, including an inn, a restaurant, or shelter in which you can take refuge if your few hours of relaxation turn into days.

After this excellent start, the route continues to the west, in the direction of La Huiguerica. After climbing the track that ascends up the hill, you can enjoy the views of the sea, presided over by La Cama de los Novios, an island situated in front of this second cove. With crystal waters of unparalleled purity, this is a beach with the finest of sands marked by attractive cliffs that erosion has sculpted into surprising forms that lend an exotic attraction to the untouched and unknown. Its wild state allows visitors to note, if they look closely, its smallest inhabitants: tiny lizards and unfamiliar flowers that struggle for survival in such a scarce landscape.

After this quick run up the hill, the excursion continues to the cove of La Carolina. After a trajectory complicated with stairs, trails, and ramps that traverse fossil dunes, silent testimonies to a marine past petrified by time, the white of the sand and the blue of the sea become protagonists once more, together with the emblematic natural pools that since time immemorial have been used for working esparto, a natural resource to which this area of the Murcian coast owes much. All is marked by the curious natural walls that belong to this cove and the last on our route: Los Cocedores.

Also known as Cala Cerrada, the Los Cocedores beach is protected by the outcrop of the volcanic formation known as Punta Parda and by another sandstone wall on the opposite side. What you will find is a natural pool that has offered refuge to fishermen and workers since ancient times. A geological Eden, far from the hustle and bustle, in which you can enjoy the sweet serenity that we all crave from time to time.

After a while, you can return to your daily life and civilization, which is always simpler when you have a property at La Manga Club. Recover from a long day at the beach seated on a spectacular terrace, dining in a fine establishment or just sit under the Mediterranean sky on a mild summer night. Doesn’t it come close to perfection?

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