Do you have a property at La Manga Club? What sport will you choose for your children?

sport academies for kids at la manga club properties

The warm Mediterranean climate has opened the door and beckons us to leave our La Manga Club property and enjoy the nice weather by diving into our favourite activities. By now you know that our resort offers a wide variety of options and first-class facilities in which you can practise your sport of choice, whether golf, tennis, triathlon, or other, or give yourself a well-deserved treat by relaxing in our Wellness Centre.

If you’re a parent, in addition to seeking out leisure activities that will satisfy you, you’ll surely be thinking about signing your children up for an activity that allows them to benefit from the values inherent in sport that are so crucial for their development. What’s more, if you’ve decided to spend some days enjoying your property at La Manga Club, you’ll want them to enjoy themselves as well and socialise, and what better way to do so than by practising their favourite sport?

Junior Club

Providing our clients with a quality sport offer is one of the raisons d’être of La Manga Club, but we’re not thinking exclusively of the adults; the littlest among us are equally important! And this is the spirit in which the Junior Club was born. Because we want you and your children to enjoy your stay to the maximum, kids have a fun place dedicated to them where they’ll have unforgettable experiences. The La Manga Club Junior Club offers an endless list of activities, from cooking courses to art workshops, and kids will also enjoy great times in our games room and water play area. There are activities appropriate for every age, and sport activities as well, like archery and minigolf.

But besides the programme at the Junior Club, children at La Manga Club can enjoy our excellent sport offer as much as their parents. Our resort’s prestigious academies have full activity programmes to serve the needs of every child.

Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer School

The prestigious Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer School is hosted at La Manga Club and offers training programmes for boys and girls between 6 and 16 years old. The little footballers in your family can practise and improve their skills at the hand of one of the great European clubs, and at the end receive a certificate and a medal of participation, together with a Chelsea FC Foundation & La Manga Club Nike football kit. You can find all the necessary information on this webpage, which details the schools in 2018: the 2nd to the 14th of July, and the 20th of August to the 1st of September.

Junior Football Academy

But that’s not the only option for our footballers. La Manga Club has multiple prestigious academies for the most popular sports in the world, including, of course, football. If your child doesn’t have enough experience with the game to participate in the Chelsea FC schools, you might want to give her some practice in a more casual atmosphere where she can begin to familiarise herself with the technical concepts of the game in La Manga Club’s Junior Football Academy, which trains children of all levels under FA/UEFA-qualified trainers. Your kids will spend time with a multinational group of students and learn everything from technical and tactical theory to the sport’s best values: teamwork, effort, and the drive to win.

Junior Tennis Academyh2.

If your children aren’t great lovers of football, perhaps they would enjoy La Manga Club’s equally prestigious Junior Tennis Academy. Replete with activities for children 9 and under, the academy offers different activities by level and age in the categories of under-6, -8, and -9, in which learning methodologies are adapted to the abilities of each age level.

From age 10, the Junior Academy levels move to under-12, -15, and -19, and the bar is raised in terms of the professionalism and quality of the instruction, with groups formed by level and drastically reduced in size, as well as an orientation towards specific technical work on narrow aspects of the game.

But that’s not all. A new feature of our programme is the Junior Elite Academy, designed for young players with a high performance level. This program offers daily morning matches in addition to directed training in the Junior Academy. Consult the practise hours and the various sessions offered on our webpage and design a programme tailored to your future champion.

Junior Academies for other team sports

If your children are interested in sports other than tennis and football, not to worry: the sport offer for those who own a property at La Manga Club is beyond diverse. In addition to the academies mentioned above, we also have sports such as rugby and cricket. Our best trainers for these sports instruct children in the various technical aspects of the game and help them to develop skills tailored to the elevation of their technical game and their physical fitness.

Adventure sports and other activities

Finally, if your children don’t enjoy team sports or prefer to avoid team competition, we have a number of other wonderful options for them to explore. The beautiful surroundings of La Manga Club are extremely favourable for the practice of sports like equestrianism, diving, or hiking, or even something as demanding as triathlon. Our Junior Academy organises activities and routes that will allow your children to practise these sports in maximum possible safety and at a pace that befits their age. And if you, too, enjoy these types of activities, you have the option to participate in them alongside your children if you so desire.

Still stuck on which sport to engage your children in so they can enjoy your days of relaxation at your property at La Manga Club as much as you? Get moving and sign them up for the best time of their lives. Now that you know how extensive our resort’s sport offer is, their greatest holidays are within your reach. And their happiness is your happiness!

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