Dive in Cabo de Palos and discover the impressive marine depths that surround La Manga Club

Diving near your La Manga Club apartment

Coves, beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, sport, and a never-ending list of leisure activities are some of the privileges enjoyed by the owners of our La Manga Club apartments. But there are treasures under the waters that surround our exclusive resort, just waiting to be discovered and admired in all their beauty. What if we told you you can visit the impressive marine depths of the Mar Menor today? Get your diving kit ready because we’re heading out from your property at La Manga Club to dive into a paradise that will impress any lover of the submarine world: Cabo de Palos.

Located in a special place open to the sea some 70 km from Murcia, Cabo de Palos is a lovely fishing village known for its famous lighthouse, the magnificent crystal-clear waters of its coves, and its underwater depths, which hold the most biodiverse subaquatic life of any place in Europe. Its waters and its 40-meter sheer walls are home to coral, fish, algae, cetaceans, and even sunken watercraft, the latter comprising one of the largest ship graveyards anywhere in the Mediterranean. It’s no surprise, then, that Cabo de Palos was declared a Marine Reserve, together with the Hormigas Islands, in 1995, with the objective of preserving its diverse collection of flora and fauna and the quality of the underwater landscape. Thanks to this conservation work and the spectacular quality of the shipwrecks, Cabo de Palos is also considered by the Cousteau Foundation to be the best diving location on the continent. And Cabo de Palos also received another feather in the cap in 2002, when its lighthouse was named a Site of Cultural Interest.

Groupers, barracudas, mackerels, morays, dentex, tuna, various types of sea bream, and other marine species like octopi, swordfish, and squid are some of the fish typical of the area with which you may find yourself face to face while diving in the waters of Cabo de Palos. In addition, if luck is with you, just three miles from the coast, from May to July, you may see one of the largest cetaceans in the world, the 18-20 meter long fin whale, which comes to the waters of the Mediterranean to feed and reproduce before returning to its home in the Atlantic Ocean. All these species share a habitat with giant iron structures, the remains of more than 50 ships that have sunk throughout history for various reasons. During the First and Second World Wars, the waters of Cabo de Palos were a strategic point for allied naval traffic responsible for bringing supplies and arms to the soldiers. As a result, the Germans brought in ships and submarines to block their path and sink them. One of the most well known ships below the surface, born of a tragic history, is The Sirio, an Italian transatlantic ship that was destroyed in 1906 after running aground in Bajo de Fuera, just in front of Cabo de Palos.

Diving in these spectacular underwater surroundings won’t just give you an introduction to its inhabitants, but also an original and entertaining walk through history that will let you relive ancient and important episodes of seafaring drama. And now that you know a bit more about Cabo de Palos, all you have to do is plan your excursion from La Manga Club, jump in the water, and discover the many charms of one of the most attractive landscapes in all the Mediterranean. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget!

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