Discover the fascinating Mar Menor on your La Manga Club holiday

Mar Menor La Manga Club holiday

The Region of Murcia is one of the natural and cultural jewels of Spain and its wonders can be discovered little by little, with every La Manga Club holiday. Today we focus on the Mar Menor and offer you a journey through all five senses, where nature, leisure and gastronomy come together under the same sky: the Costa Cálida. This unique enclave, a paradise in its own right, is flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor, and is made up of four coastal areas: La Manga, the Mar Menor, Mazarrón and Águilas. Our focus, the Mar Menor, can be defined as a large coastal lagoon which is made up of 170 square kilometres of calm and shallow waters and is, in fact, it is the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe. Its distinctive microclimate offers unbeatable weather for enjoying days out at the beach with temperate water for refreshing dips, a variety of water sports, and evenings dining out with an extraordinary culinary fare on offer. Sailing on the Mar Menor is another great option, as is discovering the fauna and flora of the Costa Cálida. Step back in time to learn about the region’s fishing traditions or feel like a Roman whilst wandering about the well-preserved ruins. The Mar Menor ticks many boxes for that unforgettable La Manga Club holiday.

A refreshing dip in the Mar Menor

The Costa Cálida and the coastline of the Mar Menor provide the ideal refuge for lovers of good weather. The beaches have crystal-clear, shallow waters and there are a variety of water activities suitable for all ages and tastes. This unique spot is easy to get to from your property at La Manga Club, and you can visit exquisite beaches such as Punta Brava, Islas Menores, Mar de Cristal, Playa de Paraíso or Playa de los Alemanes.

If the beach alone doesn’t suffice, you can hop aboard a sailing boat and enjoy the Mar Menor from the sea. Dive into its calm waters or book an excursion and visit the different volcanic islands in the southern area, including Isla Perdiguera, Isla Mayor or Baron Island and Isla del Cierva, or two other smaller ones: Isla Redonda or Rondella, and Isla del Sujeto. In addition to these, also worth a visit are the Mediterranean islands such as Isla Grosa, Farallón and Islas Hormigas.

Together with the experience of swimming or sailing in the Mar Menor, you can also partake in one of the varieties of water sport activities that the area offers 365 days a year. From paddle surfing or windsurfing to diving, canoeing or kayaking lessons, the Mar Menor is your oyster.

Nature and history

Another essential activity we want to include here is a visit to the Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum, the city’s most famous landmark. A route through the city takes in the Palace of Pascual Riquelme, the Cathedral of Santa María la Vieja and the most impressive stop: the Roman Theatre. Built in the 1st century B.C. by the Emperor Augustus, this monument is a living history of Roman culture where you can relive the past of the ancient Cartagena region.

Another must on the itinerary, and easily reachable during your La Manga Club holiday, is the Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Puntar Regional Park. Made up of 856 hectares and six kilometres of sandy landscapes, this wetland is a natural reserve of enormous ecological importance, being the nesting and resting place for numerous species of birds. A protected area and a wonderful example of sustainable development, it is a must-visit during your stay on the Costa Cálida.

Mar Menor gastronomy

The coast of Murcia has its own special and characteristic delicacies. Its gastronomic wealth will delight the most gourmet palate thanks to the Mar Menor prawns, salted fish such as roe and mojama (salted tuna) or the typical dish par excellence: arroz caldero. This typical Murcian dish is made from rice and fish but with the inclusion of a unique ingredient: ñoras, a kind of dried, non-spicy pepper. It’s a highly cherished ingredient due to its flavour enhancing properties when included in sauces and stocks. Of course, these dishes can be beautifully paired with the region’s Denomination of Origin wines or the most mouth-watering local desserts: pastel de la cierva or tocino de cielo.

What more could you want? With every La Manga Club holiday, you can discover more the fascinating Mar Menor, a true smorgasbord for the senses. Get planning!

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