Discover the benefits of living near the first Grand Hyatt in Spain

Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf Spa, the first Grand Hyatt in Spain

The opening of the first Grand Hyatt in Spain at La Manga Club has elevated the concept of excellence in our resort. Much more than just a prestigious hospitality brand, the name “Grand Hyatt” is synonymous with luxury. This is not only reflected in the services offered to guests and residents, but also in the value added to real estate. Today we explain why buying a villa or apartment in La Manga Club is a great investment.

Excellent services

Extraordinary golf courses, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the tranquil setting of the Calblanque Regional Park are the backdrop enjoyed by the Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf & Spa, a name associated with luxury and distinction. With first-class facilities, an Arabian-inspired spa and a design that reflects the serenity of the area’s landscapes, stepping into the Grand Hyatt is a unique sensory experience.

Its 192 rooms, including seven exclusive suites, embody elegance in every detail. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and marble bathrooms, each of its spaces offers an oasis for refined relaxation.

But the services of the Grand Hyatt hotel don’t stop at its rooms: with varied facilities for events, three swimming pools for different publics and a select dining offer, this hotel is the apex of excellence and sophistication in hospitality.

La Manga Club was chosen as the site for the first Grand Hyatt in the country thanks to the high standards it adheres to in every part of the resort. And the Grand Hyatt, recognized worldwide for its commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated service, in turn has further enhanced the resort’s reputation as one of the best in southern Europe.

The hotel’s effect on property appreciation

The opening of the Grand Hyatt at La Manga Club has acted as a significant catalyst for the appreciation of the properties in our golf resort. By choosing La Manga Club as its first point of entry into Spain, the hotel has spurred a notable increase in interest from investors and buyers.

The conversion of the old Príncipe Felipe hotel into the new Grand Hyatt has happened in parallel with other significant improvements, including the modernization of the golf facilities and the transformation of the tennis center. These changes have further elevated the profile of existing properties and provided new incentives for investors. La Manga Club Properties, the resort’s official real estate department, is the only developer with new-builds in the resort. The direction in which the resort is headed is clearly manifested in the sophisticated Las Acacias villas and Las Orquídeas apartments, strengthening the community of residents that provide vitality to La Manga Club throughout the year.

The impact of the opening of the first Grand Hyatt in Spain on La Manga Club Resort has marked a new chapter in the resort’s history. The undeniable improvements have elevated our real estate offer and turned these golf course homes into an even more coveted investment.

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