Decorating your La Manga Club residence: rustic design using esparto grass

Esparto grass for decorating your home at La Manga Club

Using esparto grass in your interior design offers boundless creative possibilities and is a must-have when decorating your home at La Manga Club. These natural fibres lend a cosiness and warmth to any interior, making them an exotic decor resource that goes hand-in-hand with a rustic style. Not just for indoor decoration, it can be used in outdoor spaces as well. Cost-effective and easy to combine with a variety of other materials, esparto grass dovetails perfectly with eco-friendly interior design trends. From walls to furniture to accessories, esparto grass is taking the design world by storm. Like other natural materials such as wicker, bamboo, rattan and jute, it has gone mainstream, infusing spaces with a natural boho chic style. So, if you are looking for ideas for redecorating your home at La Manga Club, read on and take note of our suggestions for matching esparto grass with different settings and decor to create flair and elegance.

A bedroom with Mediterranean charm

We begin in the bedroom, where natural materials and fibres can lend your space the peace and relaxation you seek. Adding warmth through its tones and texture, esparto grass is inviting and compatible with a Mediterranean style that exploits the full potential of natural light. An esparto grass and wood headboard, for example, combined with a rug in the same material or complemented with a bedside lamp made of esparto and jute, will add freshness and warmth to your bedroom. Another option might be an esparto pouf. Whatever the object, esparto is a wonderful and simple base material that lends an elegant and rustic air to interiors, with the versatility of being both comfortable and stylish.

Sustainable products for a boho chic living room

Esparto grass can take centre stage in common spaces like the living or dining rooms, where its charm has no equal, whether an esparto grass lamp for the coffee table or a rustic placemat that makes your silverware stand out in a contrast of materials. Among the living room accessories made of this versatile fibre, you can count baskets to store winter blankets, magazine racks, and floor and wall planters. A major current rug trend is using an esparto to cover the full floor, making the living room a wonderful place to enjoy long evenings with family and friends.

Stunning spaces, indoors and out

As effective as esparto grass is indoors, its maximum effect comes with its use outdoors as well, to tie spaces together naturally. Esparto grass blinds evoke a Mediterranean feel when one looks out the window, just as an esparto welcome mat at the front door or matching stool coverings on the terrace offer a subtle but consistent visual experience. An esparto grass basket full of natural flowers as a centrepiece on the outdoor table tips its hat to the natural surroundings of La Manga Club.

These gorgeous yet simple design ideas will let you refresh the décor of your home in La Manga Club at little cost while showcasing a material that has lately triumphed in the world of interior design. Sustainable and natural, it’s an eco-friendly way to add texture and detail to your home and even more Spanish charm to your days on the Costa Dorada.

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