Cartagena, Spain, consolidates its position as a tourism destination

Cartagena Spain tourism destination

As a city full of attractive leisure and cultural plans as well as tourism and hotel infrastructure, Cartagena, Spain, has become one of the best holiday destinations in southern Europe. The mild climate of the Region of Murcia, the succulent gastronomic offer and wine routes, the beautiful natural enclaves of rich biodiversity, and the exciting festivals are all part of its exuberant and diverse cultural offer. Countless museums and, of course, the Roman ruins of Cartagena complete the portfolio of history, beauty and knowledge that you won’t want to miss.

Cartagena: a true port of culture

Tourists delighted with the Costa Cálida and those who have already bought a property at La Manga Club can aver that Cartagena is a true port of call when it comes to the cultural element of living in Murcia. So it’s not a particular surprise that, when it came to a name, the public and private entities who have recently come together in Cartagena chose to call their organization “Cartagena Puerto de Culturas,” referencing the city’s mercantile and historical past. The objectives of this new organization are many, including the promotion of real estate investment, the enhancement of heritage resources and cultural tourism, and the guarantee of a sustainable future.

This network includes the City Council of Cartagena, the Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs (COEC) and the Port Authority and Polytechnic University (UPCT). Together, they manage the tourism services of all the city’s museums and transport. Maintenance, ticket sales, visits, workshops, group management, products, establishments and staff management are centralized, greatly facilitating their use and, for tourists, their enjoyment.

Cultural beauty through time

Seaside Cartagena is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Murcia. This, together with being equally close to spectacular natural landscapes, has resulted in increasing attention from hiking enthusiasts. And over the centuries, Iberians, Tartessians, Carthaginians, Romans, Germans, Byzantines, Visigoths, and Arabs have all called this beautiful Mediterranean city home, leaving an unparalleled physical and cultural history that can still be witnessed in its streets and squares.

The Castillo de la Concepción is the best place to begin discovering the history of this city that dates back to 229 BC, but you should also make plans to visit the Civil War Museum-Refuge, the Augusteum, a temple dedicated to the first Roman Emperor, Octavian Augustus, the Roman Forum Museum Molinete, the Casa de la Fortuna, the Museum of the Roman Theater, and the Punic Wall. It’s a compendium of culture, architecture, and beauty without equal. When you’re wondering what to visit in Murcia, history is always a safe and fascinating bet.

The data show we’re not the only ones who think so. 2022 closed with 70% more visitors who came through the Puerto de Culturas network than the previous year. Likewise, visits to museums increased by 64% over 2021. When it comes to history and culture in Murcia tourism, the municipality of Cartagena, Spain, is one you just can’t miss.

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