Blue trail walking paths near your La Manga Club home

Cala Cortina near your La Manga Club home

Hiking and visiting renowned tourism attractions are among the best of plans you can have when visiting your La Manga Club home. Nature, monuments, architectural works and a wealth of history all come together in an easily accessible stretch of coast close to your luxury property. All of these attractions and more are encompassed in the blue trail route which runs along the coastline of the city of Cartagena. Leave your watch at home and go visit the Marina of the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena, the Paseo de Alfonso XII and the Cofradía de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Guild). The blue trail route goes further yet and takes hikers to the surroundings of the Faro de la Curra lighthouse or to the superb Cala Cortina, a real oasis at end of the route. Get those shoes on!

The Royal Cartagena Regatta Club Marina

The starting point and main attraction of the blue trail, the Marina of the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena, is also known as the Port of Cartagena or the Cartagena Regatta Club. A prominent area of the city, it is located next to the historic and commercial centre of Cartagena and is surrounded by buildings declared to be of tourism and cultural interest. Just a few minutes’ drive from your La Manga Club home will see you at the port, which boasts more than 400 moorings and numerous amenities to pursue various leisure activities. If maritime activities are your thing, there are also sailing or fishing lessons to help you discover the Mar Menor.

The Curra Lighthouse

Following the route along the Paseo de Alfonso XII will see hikers reach the Fishermen’s Guild of the city of Cartagena and then, further along the path, the Curra Lighthouse, which takes its name from the dyke on which it is situated, also known as La Curra. It sits on a rocky elevation of 10,000m2 that throughout the years has been a great danger to sailors. Built in 1917, the lighthouse’s main job was to prevent ships from colliding with the underwater structure of the port. Painted white at the bottom and green at the top, the light that the ashlar cylinder projects is green and it is therefore also known as the ‘Green Lighthouse’ – an ideal place for a holiday snap!

The Forts of San Leandro, San Isidro and Santa Florentina

Keeping on the blue trail route of Cartagena, and only 26 minutes from your property at La Manga Club, visitors come across another must-see attraction: the battery of San Leandro. Located next to the Curra dyke, to the of side of the Green Lighthouse, this fort was built in the 18th century to defend the city from possible attacks by enemy ships. The San Leandro fort, however, is not the only defence structure on the route. If you like stories of swashbucklers and pirates, keep following the route along the coastline and you can also visit the batteries of San Isidro and Santa Florentina. Although they are two separate forts, their unified structure makes them look like a single construction. Take time to enjoy this architectural work of imperial Spain up close; it is considered an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).

Cortina Cove

The city of Cartagena blue trail route would not be complete without setting foot – or diving for that matter – in Cala Cortina. The crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea lap at the grainy sand, characteristic of this 210m cove, in this popular tourism spot that is heavy with holidaymakers throughout July and August. The coastline of Cartagena boasts a beautiful landscape, and more so due to the fact that it is an authentic Mediterranean oasis with protected biodiversity. Of interest, from the shore of Cala Cortina you can make out a small islet. You can also enjoy an excellent restaurant service thanks to the popular Murcia beach bar the Mares Bravas. But should water sports be your call, this magical corner of the Murcia coastline offers the perfect setting for scuba diving and discovering the other side of Cala Cortina.

The blue trail route has a slice of everything for everyone, from history and architecture to sport, sea and fine dining. Walking along it is undoubtedly one of the best ideas for a day out with family or friends. There is always something to see or do very close to your home in La Manga Club, so don your walking shoes and get going!

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