Benefits of buying real estate properties in resorts

benefits of buying properties in resorts

Here at La Manga Club Properties we meet many potential buyers interested to know whether acquiring real estate properties in resorts is a good investment. So today we would like to explain the benefits of buying in one of the best and most prestigious hotel complexes in the eastern part of Spain, as well as the various products on offer.

At the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, buying real estate in Spain became a popular business. In fact, it became one of the pillars of the economic boom that the country enjoyed in those years. But unregulated practices led the sector to “die of success”, and everything came to a crashing halt with the crisis in 2007. Now, in 2018, the market is on the way up again and opportunities to invest in the sector are abundant, as the price of assets is beginning to bounce back at a rate that, according to the pundits, will remain steady in the future. Among the many options available to you in real estate investment in Spain, buying in consolidated resorts like La Manga Club is one of the most interesting. It offers security, extra services, and a diversity of products that can meet the needs of many buyers.

Named by the magazine Today’s Golfer as the best golf resort in Spain for the seventh year in a row, and among the 5 best in the world, La Manga Club is a tranquil and safe residential community offering a broad range of services. In an area that is a true seaside paradise, with sunny days and a mild climate throughout nearly the entire year, its excellent connections to the major European capitals mean that in just a few hours foreign residents can easily return to their homes. These are benefits that will never go out of style.

Currently, the La Manga Club Properties Office has two essential product lines: new builds and resales. Among the first group, the standouts are our Las Acacias luxury villas and the Las Lomas Village tourism apartments, while the second group consists of a wide variety of properties all over La Manga Club of different sizes and configurations.

Las Acacias, exclusive permanent residences in the heart of the resort

Located in the central part of La Manga Club and near the golf courses and football pitches, Las Acacias is a collection of villas and luxury homes of 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms with private parking and a private pool, among other amenities. The plots are sized between 500 and 742 sqm and enjoy a privileged location with views of the Mar Menor and the rest of the complex. Their minimalist design and quality finishings mark a before and after in the resort’s architectural philosophy, creating an exclusive community that is an homage to design and detail.

Because they are located in one of the best resorts in Europe, in addition to enjoying the wonderful amenities within your home, as a Las Acacias owner you’ll also be able to access the resort’s services, including the professional golf, football, and tennis facilities, the extensive spa and Wellness Centre, and the delicious bars and restaurants, often with exclusive discounts and promotions just for residents. This integration into a community isn’t possible if you invest in new real estate projects or those that have not yet been consolidated. La Manga Club owners well know that they have invested in a sure thing: a thriving and safe community in which thousands of families have already established residence.

The advantages of buying vacation apartments in resorts

In this case, the benefits aren’t derived from living permanently in wonderful surroundings, but rather in earning a steady economic income from renting your apartment without giving up the option of spending a number of days there every year. This model of buying a property for the purposes of renting it out is called buy-to-let or buy-to-rent, and it’s an investment that is of particular interest in resorts like La Manga Club. Because in addition to the permanent influx of temporary residents – holidaymakers, sport enthusiasts – there are also additional specific benefits: to begin, the resort guarantees that the rental agreements are completely legal, and also allows you to delegate the management of the rental to an experienced and professional team.

The popularity of specialized portals like Airbnb has made the rental of apartments or rooms to tourists a real modus vivendi in many cities. Nonetheless, this boom, which in many cases has produced unwelcome competition for the hotel sector, has forced the Spanish authorities to regulate these practices and require owners to have a tourism license in order to rent their properties. If you rent without one, you as a property owner can be exposed to fines of up to €10,000.

This is a risk that doesn’t exist when you buy real estate at La Manga Club because, in the case of communities like Las Lomas Village, the property zoning demands a group of apartments destined to exactly this end: tourism rentals. The buy-to-let apartments at La Manga Club were not conceived as permanent residences, but rather in the context of a holidaying scheme. But among the benefits of Las Lomas, as we said earlier, is the option of staying in your own apartment for several days or weeks per year, or selling or leaving the property to family members if you so choose.

The other major benefit of buying a buy-to-let apartment in a resort is the quality and professionalism of the complimentary services. One of the large problems met by the buy-to-let investor is the day-to-day management of his or her property. Here we mean, for example, the maintenance, the entry and exit of tourists (check-in and check-out), the advertising required to position your apartment among the competition, the payments, the security, the housekeeping… They are all factors that demand constant and conscientious attention, especially if we want to rise above our competitors.

Managing all these elements on a daily basis requires a level of organization, and an investment of time and energy, that cannot always be expended by the owners if they live in a different country. By buying a property in Las Lomas Village, the La Manga Club Property Offices provide an answer to these issues by taking care of the little details so that your visitors’ stay is perfect and unforgettable, and turns them into loyal guests and promotors.

In summary, whether you’re looking for a permanent home or to draw a revenue through tourism rentals, buying a real estate property in a leisure resort like La Manga Club is an interesting investment in terms of its low risk, good earnings, the security of operating within a legal framework, and the quality and services enjoyed by the owner and/or resident. If you’re thinking about investing in the real estate sector in Spain, don’t hesitate. Stop by our resort offices and speak to one of our specialists who can help you choose the product that best fits your needs and will earn you the best returns.

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