Beaches that you need to get to know near your La Manga Club property: Calblanque Beach

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If you’re thinking about buying a La Manga Club property, you’ll have already discovered the many charms that make our golf resort the perfect choice, and that have led it to receive a number of international awards, including the Best International Resort 2017 from Golf Digest magazine and a prize from the Ultra Awards, from British newspaper The Telegraph’s magazine Ultratravel. This type of prize is a recognition of the high standards our wonderful sport facilities are held to and the quality of life enjoyed by our residents. And, of course, the weather and our beautiful natural surroundings have surely been a major factor in your considerations. Being next door to the Calblanque Regional Park and the Mediterranean Sea, our sport and leisure resort is surrounded by many wonders that, though they may not influence our international golf rankings, certainly impact the lives of the families that choose to buy a property at La Manga Club. Among these various attractions are the beaches, which can be considered one of the true riches of the Murcian coast, and which are known the world over. Today we present a new option for those looking to enjoy the sun and the crystalline waters just a short distance from their residences.

Calblanque Beach

Declared a protected area in 1987 and possessed of tremendous natural beauty, the Calblanque Beach is one of the most popular of the entire Region of Murcia, yet is also one of the few coastal areas preserved in a near-virgin state ideal for those seeking a quiet beach far from the city.

Located just 9km from your villa or apartment at La Manga Club, next to the Calblanque Natural Park, this is a collection of fabulous saltwater beaches protected by cliffs that offer more than a kilometre and a half of golden sand and dunes lapped by clean, crystalline waters that will allow you to enjoy an unbeatable day at the shore.

While you’re taking a bit of sun you may see horseback riders passing in the distance and – keep your eyes peeled! – they’re not the only “inhabitants” of the beach. This is an area colonized by waterbirds, different types of gulls, the Blackjack plover, the Oystercatcher, and the Ruddy turnstone. Among the reptiles, you may see Bedriaga’s skink, the Spiny-footed lizard and the Large psammodromus, the Ocellated lizard, or the Montpellier snake. While they rarely reveal themselves to visitors, and even less during high season, if you carefully observe the sky or walk around the dunes, you might get lucky enough to immortalize one or two with your camera.

If flora is more up your alley, Calblanque will also prove a treasure. On the dunes you can find plants with great original names like Sea parsley, Marine daisy, Wild carrot, Sea lily, and Littlehorn.

There’s also a nudist zone and a parking area located just a few metres from the beach.

Biodiversity and crystal-clear waters, just a little ways from La Manga Club…take advantage and escape for a day to enjoy this earthly paradise!

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