Beach routes near your property at La Manga Club

Beach routes near your property at La Manga Club

We’ve spoken before about some of the most beautiful and spectacular beaches near your property at La Manga Club. The privileged location of our leisure and golf resort will inevitably, at least on some days, beckon you away from the comforts and services of your daily life at La Manga Club to explore the marvellous Costa Cálida and its world-famous beaches.

Today we invite you to travel the Murcian coast in search of lovely corners that, while less well known than those we’ve seen in previous posts, still have the natural charm of virgin land that’s avoided the effects of tourism.

One of the routes that we recommend begins at the Playa de la Azohía, a place that keeps the best maritime traditions of the Mediterranean alive. Situated at the end of the municipality of the same name, La Azohía is dominated by the Torre of Santa Elena, which protected fishermen from pirates in the XVI century, and close to the fortresses of the Cabo Tiñoso coast. You’ll also find a good restaurant offer where you can enjoy the bounty offered by the sea. And if you like lighthouses, make sure to visit the Navidad Lighthouse at Punta de San Antonio, where you can also see the fort of the same name.

The next stop on our route is Cala Cortina. Located at the far extreme of Cartagena, it has recently been given a “Q” for quality tourism for its crystal-clear waters and unparalleled views, as well as its lovely beach promenade. Though small and isolated from the urban centre, it’s often quite full of people, so if you don’t like crowds, we recommend a visit but not to plan a full day there.

Beginning at the Calblanque Beach (which has a nudist area, in case you are interested), and which we’ve recommended before, going in the direction of La Manga, there is a path that leads to the coves of Artuno and Magre, protected and little-frequented, and thus perfect for a charming afternoon.

From another of our familiar beaches, Cala Reona, you can begin a small hiking route that runs over Punta Lobo, passing through Cala de los Dentoles up to the lookout point of Punta Negra. This is a magnificent walk that takes some two hours.

Another recommended route is located at the end of Águilas. There you’ll find many beaches, but today we make special mention of the Poniente Beach for its familiar atmosphere and excellent facilities. If you’re looking for a less developed beach, you can find Amarilla Beach a short distance away (also known as Punta del Fraile), accessible from another beach that we also recommend: Hornillo. These three coastal areas are a trio certainly worth a bit of time away from your property at La Manga Club.

If you’re interested in watersports, you should also take one further recommendation: Paraíso Beach. Located in a privileged area of the Mar Menor, it is close to the Salinas of Machamalo and its 1,200 m length makes it an ideal place to swim, surf, or dive. Be warned, however, that there are usually a lot of people, so if you hope to enjoy it to the fullest, planning a visit during off hours might be best.

As you see, you could spend an entire year at your property at La Manga Club without running out of surprises or failing to be seduced by one of the many beautiful corners of the Murcian coast. If you have the spirit of an adventurer, the best decision you ever made was buying a residence at La Manga Club, where there’s an entire world at your fingertips to explore. Why don’t you begin this summer?

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