5 golf shots to work on from your La Manga Club residence

Golf shots from your La Manga Club residence

Few resorts can claim the perfect combination of first-class services and spectacular weather that allows players to practise their golf shots at any time of the year, but La Manga Club is one of them. Here, you can be as good a golfer as you want to be. Situated in a unique location adjoining the Calblanque Natural Park, on the Murcian coast, La Manga Club boasts first class sports facilities, exclusive homes with large terraces and swimming pools, and luxurious year-round sunshine, every time you visit your home at La Manga Club.

Today we want to encourage you to make the most of the facilities that come with owning a La Manga Club home, and the best place to begin is with the basics: the 5 fundamental golf shots to practise that will improve your game dial up your competitive factor.

The Tee shot

It is important not to miss the first stroke played from the teeing ground of a golf hole. The club and the force used depend on the design and the par of the hole, and choosing the right ones will make your game easier until you reach the green. Ask the experts at our La Manga Club Golf Academy how to approach the tee shot of each course and how to learn to read the signs to select the right club when playing on unfamiliar courses.

The Drive

This is a long-distance shot whose aim is to get close to the green, either from the tee or from the fairway. The driver is always used, and when well executed, the shot can fly between 200 and 300 yards (180 – 270 m) in length. Have you tested the power of your drive at a La Manga Club golf course?

The Punch

When it comes to achieving greater control of the game, but sacrificing distance, this stroke is used. Hitting low prevents the wind from changing the trajectory of the ball or the ball from hitting the trees or other obstacles on the course. It is played with a shorter swing than usual and a club with less loft so that the ball does not go high but comes out low and rolls.

The Approach Shot

This movement or approach shot to the putting green is essential to be able to successfully finish a hole. The most important thing about the approach is that the contact between the ball and the club is smooth and controlled. The stroke is usually short, so a short iron should also be used.

The Putt

This particular golf shot is used for a precise shot to put the ball in the hole and as such requires a high degree of accuracy and technical mastery. The ball must roll over the green without leaving the ground. It is necessary to calculate the force of the shot well, taking into account the slopes of the course to define the correct trajectory. The club used for this is the putter which has a very steep face and (usually) a short shaft.

Daily practice of these fundamental golf shots, along with the advice from our golf experts will make you unstoppable. Be disciplined, train, and enjoy what owning one of our properties at La Manga Club, one of the most prestigious golf and leisure resorts in Southern Europe, has to offer.

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